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>> pope benedict has differed his traditional christmas message in which he called for and end to the bloodshed in syria. >> welcome to "bbc news." the grand old lady of parise celebrates herth birthday. >> who has been a good little boy then? >> and we find out how british troops are getting some festive cheer on the front line in afghanistan. >> hello again. we will begin in egypt because voters have officially backed a new constitution. in the past few hours the electoral commission has said that 63.8% voted yes to president morsi's proposals, those that have led to huge
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demonstrations in recent weeks. they say the document favors islamists and doesn't do enough to protect minorities. the united states has urged president morsi to build trust across egypt's political divides. given the muslim brotherhood's domination of the political scene, i asked our correspondent whether there are fears jipt may become a one-party state. >> that is what some of the people in the opposition are saying. it is not what other people in terms of the muslim brotherhood are saying and also what a number of egyptians who don't particularly sornte with one -- associate with one side or the more. what i think we are looking at is a very deeply split egypt and one that is about to launch into a parliamentary election campaign. now the opposition faces an uphill struggle. it has not been terribly unified. it has to manage to unify
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itself more over the problems that broke out with this referendum. the question is whether they can sustain that unity for the muslim brotherhood and for president morsi. they also have a challenge because although they won this referendum, the support, the turn out was low. the support they got at just under 64% was less than a referendum held last year where they got about 77%. and president morsi, the government may soon have to take some unpopular measures to try and prop up the economy here, which could hurt them at the ballot box. >> let's pick up on the reports of the economy. there have been reports of people taking savings out of banks. is there fear there could be capital flight out of egypt and possibly even the liberal people who are not happy with this constitution, uping stakes, leaving the country and ep grating.
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>> there are all sorts of fears, and there are some people who will be frightened about that. other members of the opposition say they will continue to fight against this constitution, and they will try and do it through parliament. they will try and do it through the election campaign. what president morsi and his supporters are saying is this constitution isn't necessarily set in stone. they have suggested there may be the possibility of amendment. depending on who you speak to will depend on who believes that. what they are saying, the muslim brotherhood and president morsi, is that these are the first steps in egypt's new democracy and that it is a messy process. what you have at the moment is that process of democracy carrying on and that it will bring egypt some stability so the country can try and get on its feet again and deal with that problematic economy. >> another country very much
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part of the arab up rising is syria. there, sources say the commander of the military police has become the latest figure to defect. he would be the highest ranking military police officer to defect since the beginning of the conflict, but so far, no independent confirmation of that. queen elizabeth has given her annual christmas broadcast and reflected on a year of major events. she said she was humbled by the response to her diamond jubilee and touch on the olympics and paraolympics, paying tribute to the athletes and volunteers. for the first time the speech was broadcast in 3-d as our correspondent reports. >> morning service. the royal party led by the queen, who had missed church on sunday because of a cold, and the duke of edinborough, who missed last year.
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both fit and well. absent is prince harry, who is in afghanistan, and the duke and dutchest of cambridge, spending a private holiday at the family home. in her christmas message, the queen talked of a year of great celebration. >> it was humbling that so many chose to mark the anniversary of a duty which passed to me 60 years ago. >> she recalled the thames river pagent, one of the many events when she tampa bay struck by the fellowship of those taking part. >> on the badgers and the bows of the river, there were people who had taken their places to cheer through the mist undaunted by the rain. that day was a tremendous sense of common determination, to celebrate, triumphing over the
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elements. >> that same determination had been evident again, the queen said, when the olympic flame had reached britain. >> the flame drew hundreds of thousands of people on its journey around the british aisles and was carried by every kind of deserving individual. >> the queen paid tribute to the athletes who inspired the nation with their achievements in the olympic and pair olympic games. >> those public spirited people came forward in the great tradition of all those who devote themselves to keeping others safe, supported and comforted. >> as she reflects on this christmas night, there is certainly much for the queen to look back on with pleasure, and more to look forward to as the 60th anniversary of her coronation and the birth of a special great grandchild in prospect in 2013. "bbc news," at buckingham
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palace. >> pope benedict has used his christmas message to call for an end to the bloodshed and a political solicitous in syria and other conflict places. people flocked to the square to will be to the message from the pontiff at the vatican. here is our report from rome. >> pope benedict had a worldwide radio and television audience for his traditional christmas message and blessing from the balcony of st. peter's bass came. his one was one of hope even in the direst of situations. first he prayed for an end to civil war in syria. >> once again i pelley for an end to the bloodshed. easier access for the relief of refugees and displaced, and dialogue in the purt of a political solution to the
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conflict. >> then the pope went on to paire that israelis and palestinian he is end long years of conflict and embark on the path to negotiation. there was a special mention of egypt, blessed by the childhood of jesus as the pope put it. referring to the arab spring, the pontiff said the countries of north africa are experiencing a major transition in pursuit of a new future. benedict prayed for the return of peace to many parts of africa, where violence has become the norm. he prayed for peace in mali, harmony in nigeria and fighting in the congo. he prayed for leaders to carry out their commitments to fighting organized crime. the pope also asked for
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blessings on the new chinese leadership, hoping they will allow the noble chinese people, as he put it, to build a more fraternal society, allowing religions to make their contribution. the vatican's relations with beijing reached a new low earlier this year with the detention by chinese authorities of a new roman catholic bishop of shanghai, which had previously than approved. he gave his blessing in 65 languages. [cheers and applause] >> although he sometimes walks with a stick and is tushed on a traveling platform to save his strength when he fish yates at masses, pope benedict wears his 85 years relatively well. at times his voice may be slightly hoarse, but his determination to continue in
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office is unshaken by increasing age. "bbc news," rome. >> at least 27 people have been killed in a plane vash in southern kazakhstan. it was considering -- carrying several people. they said the plane had up and only fragments remains. it came down close to the city of shymkent. >> a plane has crash landed on a road in burma. two died and 11 were injured when the aircraft came down three kilometers short of its intended destination. here is our report. >> a burned-out shell now lying in a field. this was an aircraft flying an internal route popular with terrorists.
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the plane crashed into a rice field just before 9:00 a.m. local time. it was en route from the old capital to heho, which is the gateway place to the lake. one of the passengers told the bbc how they circled the airport before they tried to land. >> we went in those clouds, and suddenly we crashed. we just hit the ground, and then it was all red, and orange, and smoke came. then we saw some fire. then the steward he is opened the emergency exit. we thought it better to get out as soon as possible before it might explode. >> there had been 65 passengers and six crew on board. investigators are trying to determine the exact cause of the crash. some reports suggest an engine fire. the fatalities include a motor cyclist on the ground.
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the airline expressed regret for the fatalities and offered condolences for the families. it went on to say we will provide every help and assist they may need. they are investigating the cause of the accident. since the president launched reforms, some international trade sanctions have been lifted. but domestic airline safety has suffered because of years of restrictions. ever growing terrorist numbers mean old aircraft like this are increasingly put under strain. sometimes with deadly consequences. >> you are watching "bbc news." coming up, international sports news, plus the grand old laidi of paris celebrating her 850th border. >> let's have a look at what you have been read og online.
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in new york, police say the man who shot the two volunteer firefighters on monday in upstate new york before killing himself had left a note saying he wanted to do what he liked best, killing people. william spengler had serious health problems and was carrying three guns. his older sister, cheryl, who he reportedly hated is missing. jag klugman passed, age 90. he trained himself to speak again and returned to acting in the 1990's. it is the 40th anniversary of the bombing of hanoi. american bombers pounded large parts of northern vietnam. over 20,000 tons of explosives were dropped and over 1,000 vet noah meeze were killed. >> you are watching "bbc world
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news." these are the headlines. egypt's new constitution is approved by more than 60% of voters who took part in the referendum. queen elizabeth has praised the volunteers who helped stage the diamond jubilee celebrations as well as the olympics and paraolympics. on the same day pope benedict prayed for piece in nigeria, gunmen struck at a service in the north. the attackers opened fire at midnight mass. an islamist group has targeted christians in that area in the past. >> that area, particularly the northeast, has been a hot bed of violence lately. it is something that security officials have been struggling to cope with.
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it has been going on all year, and it looks like there is no end there sight so far. the authorities of scaled up their operations around the country with lots of checkpoints around, especially near churches and the major rhodes around the north of the country. it seems like they are still having a lot of difficulty preventing these attacks from happening. >> a candlelight vigil has taken place where 20 school children were shot and killed. volunteers are working to ensure the candles stay burning throughout christmas day. russia has officially opened a new pipeline from its oil fields to a port on the pacific coast. the siberia pacific ocean pipeline links oil fields near tishet to the port of kosmino
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near the chinese border. it will reduce its dependence on the european market. president michael putnam said it will -- wladimir putin says it will be a boost to the economy. >> in sports, pakistan has beaten india by five wickets. a huge operation in place for the match. the pab santana team is touring independent yay for the first time in five years. 5,000 security personnel were deployed for the game. bomb squad officers carrying out inspections in and around the area. the government is going to issue a record 3,000 visas. it is the first since the human
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attacks in 2008. in india the funeral has taken place of a police officer killed in a protest in delhi over the weekend. much of the capital is locked down after demonstrations after the violent rape of a student last week. here is our report. >> a send-off with full state honors for an officer of almost 30 years service. two days after being injured while policing clashes in central delhi, he died on tuesday. he was cremated hours later. the father of three was set upon by a large group and attacked with sticks and stones. eight men have since been charged with murder. i could face the death penalty if i am guilty. >> the public is responsible for this. they have beaten him so badly, they damaged his entire body. he was injured all over his
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body, internally and externally. >> he was one of more than 50 police officers injured during clashes that have taken place in the indian capital since last week. the focus of anger is the brutal rape of a medical student on a bus last sunday. much of the center of delhi remains sealed off by police. but protests against sex crimes and the treatment of women have gained a momentum that appears increasingly difficult to reverse. >> our fight against the indian government, who are not taking any actions against this ruthless thing that happens almost every day in our country. >> we are asking for justice for them and for us. that is the only thing and that is 34i view. >> the victim herself continues to make progress in a delhi hospital and is conscious. >> meanwhile, the consequences of the attack on her are stretching a long way beyond
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this corner of delhi. "bbc news." >> thousands of british soldiers have been spending what is expected to be their last christmas in afghanistan. every soldier has been promised a traditional christmas dinner as officers say they are determined to make the most of the season. this is our report. >> in afghanistan santa makes his deliveries by military hocket. mail and presents from loved ones. as well as getting on with their tasks, there has been time to make austere camps feel more like home. deck rakeses helps one get into the caroline. >> i am quite home bed really. i like being at home with my mom and stuff. >> what do you make of that here? >> opening my presents back
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home. >> dismissed. >> who has been a good little boy then? there he is. have you been good this christmas? >> i have been very good, thank you. >> these parcells have reached the front line, thousands of miles away from home. it is a boost to morale. here it was accompanied by a choir. and here, cop raids have become their immediate family. >> merry christmas. >> outside there is the reason why they are still here, to bring some semblance of stability to afghanistan. the threat has not gone away. 46 british troops have lost their lives this year. >> we are always very aware of the cost along the way, the friends we have lost. behind the smiles there is the remembrance and always a twinge of sadness that for a lot of people, christmas won't be good
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this year. >> it might be christmas, but for many british troops here, it is like any other day, with this patrol going off to help train afghan police. >> it will soon be left to them. within two years, all british combat troops will be out. "bbc news." >> this month the grand old laidi of paris, notre dame cathedral celebrates her 850th birthday with a year-long sell practice bration. it has stood witness to the greatest events in french history, including the reins of 80 kings, two emprocedures and the establishment of five reb licks. from prist here is our report. >> history has flowed past with the gray waters of the seine, notre dame. what stories they could tell us. beneath these, the first flying
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buttresses, they launched a 12th century crusade. henry the vi was crowned the sing of france. from the sound of 8,000 pipes in 1894, napoleon was crowned emperor. music is integral to the life of the cathedral, and in the festival to celebrate 850 years, they will bring to life some of the christianity's oldest sounds contained in the oldest maunts. >> the musical school of notre dame was influential. we know it innewsed music across europe, spain and italy. >> but you have no idea how delighted quazi moto was.
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the bell told to mark the hours of the day as it told to mark the liberation of the city in 1944. >> in front of notre dame and even in one of the towers of the famous cathedral, the nazis have established fire. >> we traveled west of paris to normandy to this village, to one of three bell foundrys still in operation. here they are casting the eight new bells to hang in the to your. >> the original bells were seized during the revolution and melted to cannon balls. they are recasting them in copper and continue using molds fashioned from horse hair and ma nuria. >> as we don't want them to make them twice, we will make them higher in tune. and we will take the met a aloff inside to get it
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perfectly calibrated. >> once tuned, they will toll for the first time in march on palm sunday. right now it is the christmas nativity scene that draws the crowds with two million people expected in december. always an attraction. though it's the majesty of notre dame that stands the greatest testament to that fate and to man's inspiration. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard
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to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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